Friday, 29 November 2013

Hello everyone in Blogland,

I hereby make a firm commitment to putting out a weekly blog: I'm sure you're panting to hear what I'm doing, plus it reminds me what's been going on. The old loaf is fair spinning with trying to keep up. It's proving a bit difficult right now because the boy Bogart wants my attention.

On the literary front, I was able to give two readings for Red Army Fiction: I headlined their Hallowe'en special, Dead Army Fiction, and gave a reading as part of a Red Army Fiction slot at the local Lit Fest, Write Idea. Still trying to persuade people that Death and the City makes a good Christmas present!

Guiding in Tower Hamlets is developing in various ways. After the first five-week instalment of Walkie Talkie, we decided to break, regrouping in the New Year, and we'll concentrate on developing walks in a workshop format. In the meantime we've got some visits, including the Royal Foundation of St Katharine last Weds, and Oxford House this coming Weds, as well as the last of the programme of Saturday walks - Sean Patterson will be taking the group through Whitechapel and a bit of Spitalfields, in the footsteps of Charles Booth.

I've put my first walk on Eventbrite: 'To Make the Punishment Fit the Crime' is booking for Saturday 7 December:

We shall hear, for instance, the sordid story of George Sloane and how he just about escaped the mob:

So much to do, and so little time. I have to have my draft business plan ready before I meet my mentor on 10 December. December isn't really the best time to start up in business as a tour guide! Rather a slack period, but I'm sniffing out business where I can.

That's all for now, friends, so I shall head on out into the weekend with head held high, and see what hits me in the face first.

Mind how you go.

Dave Charnowalks