Sunday, 12 January 2014

Hello blogaholics,

Since Friday is proving unmanageable, I think I'll move my update day to Saturday. I would have updated yesterday, except I was out at Bletchley. Not visiting Bletchley Park, but, in my rรดle as Dr Pintz, attending the Big Boys' Beer Festival winter beer fest at the Auvache Arms, the intensely private bar created for personal use, and for entertaining family and friends, by my nephew Wesley Auvache, the real Pub Landlord:

Ronnie and Reggie at the Auvache Arms

Six exceptional ales on offer for those fortunate enough to be within this exclusive circle.

Last Saturday, we had a little rain to contend with on the walk 'Behind the Magic Curtain', looking not only at the origins of West End's Theatreland with the Restoration, but seeing some of the West End's theatres and their connections to major developments in British performance in the C19 and C20.

Charnowalks at the Savoy Theatre

Get that 'air cut! Why do I always forget to trim that beard before going out on tours? Anyway, we enjoyed it. It was a good time to do the walk: just after New Year, when things can fall a little flat, but on the Eleventh Day of Christmas, so the Christmas decs were still up and we managed to capture a little more of the seasonal magic before it went. Sadly you can't see the light-up Christmas tree on the other side of the collar.

In the evening I indulged in my first 'tweet-up' courtesy of Valy Dumoulin and Nika Garrett, at which I met some illustrious persons such as Simon Gregor of secretlondonphotowalk:
Anthony Lewis, intrepid explorer of the Lost Valley of London:
and Sheldon, one half of the Cemtery Club:

In the week between these two Saturdays, business preparations continue apace. I'm working on law-and-order walks at the moment. One in Bethnal Green and one in the City. This has meant researching rape, murder and miscarriage of justice in Bethnal Green, as well as the changing face of crime in the City.

I've set up another couple of walks for next weekend, I've designed a leaflet which I need to get printed, and am creating a mailing list. For any blog-followers who don't get mails from me, if you want to go on my mailing list please mail me at and I'll put you on.

I think that'll do for the moment: please feel free to find me on facebook and to tweet me @Charnowalks. I don't tweet that often - I find twitter a little aggravating, as you're limited to a handful of characters, many of which are taken up if you mail to more than one person. Still, some people like it ...

Looking forward to connecting with you next weekend.

Best wishes,