Saturday, 25 January 2014

Hello there,

Much of the week has been spent on research. All sorts of information for next Friday's preview of the new walk looking at aspects of Bethnal Green's criminal history, but also I'm working through Sarah Wise's 'The Blackest Streets', the story of the Nichol slum.

I've read 'The Italian Boy' and have heard Sarah speak on a number of occasions: excellent research, and a good communicator. Spot on.

This week I signed off of Jobseeker's Allowance, and (hopefully) I am now going on the New Enterprise Allowance. I've put a link to Eventbrite on my website home page, so that people can see what's on. Also I've had a large number of leaflets printed, and I'm trying to get them into as many places as possible. I need to take some time in the week, though, to make a concerted effort to get them placed. I did a little leafleting at Shoreditch High Street Overground this afternoon en route from the White Hart, Bishopsgate (a couple with Neil Salmons after this morning's tour) and Tesco, Bethnal Green Road. How the other half do live ...

A small but select group for 'Before the Make-Over' this morning: I've done the walk only once before, and that was last autumn, so a little tightening up is needed. It will be very slick next time; I'm feeling easy with it now. Cleary Gardens isn't at its best at this time of year, with the vines cut back. Not as cheery as in the warm weather:

A rush to the vet on Thursday morning with Bogart - a touch of cystitis they reckoned: he had an anti-inflammatory injection and a painkilling one, and is fine now, but even more affectionate than he is usually. Perhaps it's gratitude?

Got the idea for one or (maybe) two walks on the way home.

Sadly these blogs seem to be dominated by walks, but my life is dominated by them at the moment. Trying to get a business off the ground, as I was saying to Neil in the White Hart, is like trying to get a plane off of the ground. A colossal effort to get it to leave the ground in the first place, then continual thrust to get it higher and higher. Eventually all that effort pays off when you level out, but until you get to that, it's murder!

I must put aside some time for writing so that I can get a second collection of short stories into circulation, particularly as Ronald Chapman sent me such a good picture for the cover. I've got most of the stories at least in their initial drafts. I still need to sprinkle them with magic dust though.

Well, I don't want to get tedious, so I'll leave it there. Until next time ...