Sunday, 9 February 2014

Howdy blogreaders,

Another late blog: life doesn't always respect timetables.

Yesterday morning's outing for 'Venture Capital' was a wash-out because of the weather. The thing was that it was really fine weather until about 10:20 when the rain began lashing down. I was leafleting at Tower Hill station - alone, up against three leaflet-givers from the Tower Bridge exhibition! We were driven into the station by the rain, but I did manage to get over forty leaflets taken.

This afternoon I got lots of leaflets handed out outside the Clerk's House, next to Shoreditch Church, and a charming couple called Iliona and Graham came along to sample 'The Dark Side of the Green', hearing stories about the likes of Arthur Harding and the London Burkers:

Bishop, Williams and May at Bow Street

Yesterday and Friday have been taken up with work on existing stories, since I've decided I've left it long enough before getting the next volume of stories published. I've reworked 'Jack', 'Commitment to the Community', 'Zuleika Day' and 'In Bobby's Room', and am now giving the treatment to 'Disturbing the Garden'. I know those titles don't mean anything to you now, but they will.

Otherwise I'm working on various odds and ends, walk-wise. I'm not yet taking up the law and order in the City walk; instead I'm concentrating on the Wellclose Square area as part of the Tower Hamlets project, and will be marshalling material for the trade walk Viv Schrager-Powell and I have had on the stocks for some months now while other things have gotten in the way.

Interesting meetings this week were a meet with David Graham down at Wilton's Music Hall last Tuesday, talking walks and outreach and similar things; then William Palin of the East End Preservation Society came along to our Tower Hamlets group last Wednesday and had a chat with us. Connections, liaison and co-ordination are so important.

Work, work, work: is there no end of work? Well, Kat Pykett was kind enough to take me along to hear Mark Steel at the Leicester Square Theatre the other day, which was a fab evening out, and as we were nibbling our pre-theatre sandwiches in the Trafalgar Square Pret, in walked Martin Shaw.

I'm afraid that I've become quite the home-body recently, so apologies for the strictly non-racy nature of my posts to date. They will open up more in due course when things get more even. I don't even have more cat pix to post this week! So, I'll go now, and resume next weekend. Who knows what the intervening week will bring about?


Dave Charnowalks