Sunday, 2 March 2014

Dear Blogpeeps,

There was me, just about to close down and head for bed, and I remembered that I hadn't done this week's blog entry. Got to keep on top of things. Particularly since I've managed to make it through the ordeal of a Dry February! I'm currently preoccupied with maritime trade, working on the prep for my new tour eastwards and inland from Tower Bridge and the Pool of London.

The former Courthouse of the Liberties of the Tower
Wellclose Square

The preview run of this walk means I won't be offering a walk next Saturday morning, but will be offering one on Sunday afternoon: 'Behind the Magic Curtain', my Theatreland tour.

Joseph Grimaldi as Joey

Last week saw a second go at my new walk for Italian students from Covent Garden to Westminster via Buckingham Palace, where as usual the stars were the squirrels and birds in St James's Park! Not to mention the red telephone boxes ... Still, I shall be developing it into another tour for 'regular' clients in due course. Here's a clue to what it'll be:

Wyld's Great Globe

Not much else of interest to report, except that I got a freebie to see Emil and the Detectives at the National on Thursday, which was very well done. It was an early start - curtain up at 6:00 and it finished 7:50. It meant I missed the launch meeting for the new book group at the library, but hopefully there was enough interest, and it'll be meeting regularly, so I can catch up.

Also my good friend Anna Tomlinson has been making me jealous by posting FB pix of Cologne: or Köln, as it should be.

It's nearly midnight now, so I must get my head down.

Look after yourselves, and I'll be back next week.


Dave Charnowalks