Sunday, 23 March 2014

Hello Blogpeeps,

A funny old week: putting together information for a new tour most of the time, and a week without either Italian or Spanish students! Still, I went with my old schoolchum Brad Baxter on Thursday to the Rose to see the rarely-performed Christopher Marlowe bloodbath, 'The Massacre at Paris'.

They used red confetti for blood, picking up on the marriage scene that begins the play, and just as well, because there's a lot of blood flows in that show. This meant that the stage got progressively covered with red, which emphasised the gruesome business going on. Very effective.

Yesterday saw the first preview of the walks we're devising as a supplementary programme of tours for the Walkie Talkie course which begins next month, on St George's Day. This weekend it was my turn, with my tour of the Liberties of the Tower looking at the remnants of visual heritage testifying to the area's links to maritime trade.

The former Court House of the Liberties
of the Tower

This afternoon I had another outing of my 'The Dark Side of Bethnal Green' tour, looking at chapters of Bethnal Green's criminal history in their historical and legal context: stories from the C18, C19 and C20.

Sadly, life is still centred around tours, and currently I'm working on my Law and Order in the City tour, which I have named provisionally 'Law and Order EC'. We shall see! I need to make some time however to carry on working on the stories for my second collection, as well as putting together a proposal for a paper for the Literary London conference this summer.

Well, I need to get my ironing done and get an early(ish) night, so I'm going to sign off now. I hope to be able to bring more exciting posts soon!

Mind how you go.


Dave Charnowalks